The Italian Project, Rome Mar. 23-27, 2015

smART cities - Art & the city as a social space


Focus: smARTcities , art as a decisive factor in urban design

Tasks: smART city task description (see link in right column.)

Process: creative intercultural laboratory workshops on a variety of topics: architecture, smART bench design, graphical products and museum merchandising

Aim: to challenge the students’ creative and intercultural abilities in various ways, within the overall topic of ART as a central factor in urban design and planning of sustainable social spaces for city dwellers.

Programme (abbreviated - full version here)

Monday:       Arrivals & presentation of smART city portraits

Tuesday:         Intercultural laboratories on architecture and graphic projects
                        Intercultural event: Teatro dell' Opera

Wednesday:   Intercultural laboratories : smART bench design project
                   Ara Pacis

Thursday:        Design laboratory: Museum Merchandising
                          Presentations of all artistic laboratory products + feast


Friday:              Goodbyes & departures