The German Project, Lünen Sep., 2014


Approaching innovative ideas of perceiving, transforming and reusing public places that have lost their former purpose and meaning due to demographic and industrial change

Theory: The project is based on theories of the (cultural) perception of space and different sources of research that deal with the process of demographic and structural change in general and in the area/around Lünen in particular.
Process: The students prepare a presentation of an example of demographic and/or structural change in their area beforehand and its consequences for the use and transformation of public space (German task) and present it to the others. They take part in different workshops and excursions that make them deal with the ideas of the transformation of space such as giving new use to a space that has lost its original purpose due to demographic and industrial change. These workshops encompass the approach of creating and discussing mental maps, creating and participating in a geocaching tour, and students’ presentations and discussions of examples of transformed places.
Aim: This projects aims at sensitizing students to a culturally shaped perception of public space. Furthermore they are supposed to gain an insight into the consequences of cultural and demographic change for the places in their own area and different countries. Additionally they find out about approaches to reusing such places giving them a new purpose and enhance their abilities of learning through teaching others.

Our programme (abbreviated) See full version here.
Monday arrival, theatre play, multicultural dinner
workshop: exploration of Lünen city centre
(tour) – creation of mental maps
Wednesday  discovering Dortmund´s industrial culture
and heritage (students presenting different
                       places / bus trip)
Thursday  geocaching tour  - former industrial places
                  around Lünen and goodbye dinner
Friday  departure