The Norwegian Project, Aas Feb. 24-28, 2014


Focus: To retain the local identity of Ås while using innovative ideas for outdoor spaces in a Nordic climate.

Norwegian architect, Petter Butenschøn on city planning and sustainable communities and urban development in Norway. How the Norwegian identity and town characteristics can be retained using innovative solutions with the focus on the “human scale” perspective to increase social interaction.

Associate Professor in Property and Land Management, Håvard Steinsholt giving a lecture on Ås from a historical perspective in order to capture the local identity of the town.

Work on group task with the focus on integrating the characteristics of the local identity of Ås of an outdoor chosen space around Town Hall area in Ås. The work process went from identifying and brainstorming to visualize idea in form of products.

First, to let the students use innovative solutions when visualizing their ideas. Second, to challenge the students to orally defend their idea of product, e.g. through sketches, pictures and models.

Programme (abbreviated, see full program here)

Monday: Presentation of pre-task from each school

Tuesday: Butenschøn and Steinsholt lectures and introduction of main task.

Wednesday: Proceed with task and excursion to Oslo (see separate programme).

Thursday: Final work on task and presentations for a jury consisting of two municipal architects. Official goodbyes and dinner.

Friday: Departure