The Danish Project, Aarhus Dec. 9-13, 2013

Innovation camps on sustainable cities


Focus: sustainable cities , youth culture and innovative and creative work processes. 

Theory: Jan Gehl on sustainable cities and city planning with a strong focus on creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and product development.

Process: creative and innovative workshops in cooperation with ‘Godsbanen’, Aarhus – a centre for cultural production in Aarhus  and Aarhus Waterfront Centre / Aarhus Ø(Pakhus 27)

Aim: to challenge the students’ creative and innovative abilities in various ways, while still sticking to ideas of sustainable planning . Both locations are attempts to create life and sustainable urban spaces for a wide range of people, but also places that are challenged in different manners.- a realistic city planning context!

Programme (abbreviated - full version here)

Monday:       Arrivals & Jan Gehl’s video on sustainable cities

Tuesday:         Jan Gehl lecture on the same issue
                         Workshop : Godsbanen

Wednesday:   Workshop Godsbanen
                         Presentations of group solitions

Thursday:        Workshop Aarhus Waterfront
                          Presentations + feast


Friday:              Goodbyes & departures



Drawing large scale sketches
Idea generation in LEGO
3D visualisations
Godsbanen - The Raw Hall


Photos of processes and products from a busy week in Denmark